Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Nesting and Hatching Season: May 1st Thru Oct 31st

As we prepare for Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Emerald Isle, please help by doing the following:
FILL IN ALL HOLES that you dig (mother turtles can get stuck AND people walking at night can get seriously injured; they are also a danger to emergency vehicles).
NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY and NO FLASHLIGHTS (they disturb nesting mother turtles and temporarily blind hatching baby turtles).
KEEP OUTSIDE LIGHTS OFF at night (they disturb nesting mother turtles and disorient hatchling baby turtles so they go toward the lights of the houses instead of the white caps on the waves on the ocean).
PICK UP TRASH especially plastic bags and balloons (turtles think plastic bags and balloons are jellyfish, which is their main food source; they eat them and get sick and may die).
FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL in North Carolina (loud noise keeps mother turtles from coming on shore to nest and disturbs baby turtles during hatching).
REMOVE BEACH EQUIPMENT at the end of each day (beach equipment such as chairs, tents, etc., can cause nesting mothers and hatchlings to become trapped).
CALL THE POLICE at the non-emergency number 252-354-2021 if you see a nesting turtle, hatching nest, hatchling on the beach, stranded sea turtle, hooked or captured sea turtle, or dead sea turtle.